About Us

Locally grown ethnic crops and locally produced cross-cultural food products

YAGO supports local food cultural diversity, healthier community, and Kentucky Agri-food global advancement.

Located in Nicholasville, Kentucky, YAGO Farm is the home of a unique local food business project started by an individual with strong passion about connecting with the world through food. The name YAGO was created by combining “Yacon” and “Goguma” (sweet potato in Korean), two main crops at YAGO Farm. YAGO grows specialty crops from different parts of the world and makes culturally inspired local food products in a unique Kentucky style. As a native Korean with huge pride and interest in Korean food culture, I take full advantage of my cultural roots as well as personal passion about food to develop YAGO product recipes. It is our dream to see YAGO’s Kentucky Kimchi and Gochujang become a symbol of the vibrant local food cultural diversity movement in this country and around the world.   

Our Philosophy & Mission

Gluten Free, No White Sugar or Corn Syrup, No Artificial Additives or Preservatives

We believe in the adage that “food is medicine.” We also believe that you are what you eat. YAGO’s mission is serving our local community with healthy food options based on the wisdom of different food cultures around the world. It is also our mission to help local immigrants and refugees participate in the local food system more easily and achieve financial freedom, sharing their cultures with the community along the process. We’d like to be a part of the positive force nurturing food equity and food justice in our community. YAGO is committed to healthy community growth and development physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Our Vision

In 2017, YAGO Farm started. In 2018, YAGO Farm & Food officially began its journey with value-added production. These two years belong to the initial stage of the YAGO project: experience building and concept/market potential testing. The next stage is moving toward the vision of a community agri-food cooperative based on the YAGO business model. The focus at this stage will be on developing a training program that covers every topic involved in building and running a co-op business structure with value-added production at the core. Local resources as well as global connections will be actively pursued. At the end, our ultimate vision is about sharing and connecting with the world.

Jeong Hyun An


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